Maxima Professional Professional Coloring Cream 50ml


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Weight 50 g

Almond No 9.99, Amber Mahogany No 6.58, Ash, Ash Blond No 7.1, Ash Brown No 4.1, Ash Sand No 8.13, Ash Superlightener 901, Beige Superlightener No 913, Bleaching Booster No 1000, Blond No 7, BLUE, Blue Black No 1.1, Brown No 4, Caramel No 6.89, Chocolate No 5.99, Cinnamon No 7.99, Cocoa No 4.99, Coffee No 4.89, Cold Blond No 7.01, Cold Brown No 4.01, Cold Dark Blond No 6.01, Cold Light Blond No 8.01, Cold Light Brown No 5.01, copper, Copper Amber No 7.84, Copper Blond No 7.4, Copper Brown No 4.4, Copper Dark Red Blond No 6.64, Creative Color Amaranth, Creative Color Copper, Creative Color Flame, Creative Color Fuchsia, Creative Color Violet, Dark Ash Blond No 6.1, Dark Blond No 6, Dark Brown No 3, Dark Chocolate No 3.99, Dark Copper Blond No 6.4, Dark Golden Blond No 6.3, Dark Mahogany Blond No 6.5, Dark Red Blond No 6.6, Dark Sand Blond No 6.7, Deep Irisee No 2.2, Gianduia No 6.99, Golden Amber No 7.83, Golden Blond No 7.3, Golden Brown No 4.3, Golden Sand No 8.31, Golden Superlightener No 903, GREEN, Hazelnut No 8.99, Ice Chestnut Blond No 7.91, Ice Chestnut Dark Blond No 6.91, Ice Chestnut No 4.19, Ice Chestnut No 4.91, Intense Ash Blond No 7.11, Intense Ash Dark Blond No 6.11, Intense Ash Light Blond No 8.11, Intense Ash Lightest Blond 10.11, Intense Ash Very Light Blond No 9.11, Intense Blond No 7.0, Intense Copper Blond No 7.44, Intense Copper Light Blond No 8.44, Intense Dark Blond No 6.0, Intense Dark Red Blond No 6.66, Intense Light Blond No 8.0, Intense Light Brown No 5.0, Intense Light Golden Blond No 8.33, Intense mallow No 6.22, Intense Red Blond No 7.66, Intense Very Light Blond No 9.0, Irisee Brown No 4.2, Irisee Light Red Brown No 5.62, Light Ash Blond No 8.1, Light Ash Brown No 5.1, Light Blond No 8, Light Brown No 5, Light Copper Blond No 8.4, Light Copper Brown No 5.4, Light Golden Blond No 8.3, Light Golden Brown No 5.3, Light Ice Chestnut No 5.91, Light Irisee Brown No 5.2, Light Mahogany Brown No 5.5, Light Red Brown No 5.6, Light Sand Blond No 8.7, Lightest Ash Blond No 10.1, Lightest Lime Blond No 10.13, Lightest Platinum Blong No 10, Lightest Sand Blond No 10.7, Mahogany Brown No 4.5, Natural Superlightener No 900, Naturals Black No 1, Neutral, RED, Red Copper Blond No 7.46, Red Dark Brown No 3.6, Red Mahogany No 5.56, Red Mallow No 7.26, Sand Blond No 7.7, SILVER, Silver Superlightener No 912, Ultra Ash Superlightener No 901 S, Ultra Irisee Superlightener No 902 S, Ultra Natural Superlightener No 900 S, Very Light Ash Blond No 9.1, Very Light Blond No 9, Very Light Golden Blond No 9.3, Very Light Lavender Blond No 9.21, Very Light Sand Blond No 9.7, VIOLET, White Coffee No 5.89, Yellow


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