Dove Body Love Essential Care Body Lotion


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• Dove body lotion that gives you intensive moisture

• Rich skin care for long-lasting, touchable softness

• Helps increase skin softness by 45% after one use

• Fast-absorbing body lotion for dry skin 

• Skin care for dry skin with up to 48-hours of moisturisation

• Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types
At Dove, we believe in body love. That means caring for our bodies and showing them some love, no matter how we’re feeling about them. Turning everyday skin care into a relaxing act of self-care is a great place to start. With Dove Body Love Essential Care Body Lotion, you’ll be giving yourself long-lasting care, for smooth skin that’s soft and radiant.

Protecting against dry skin starts with giving your skin the care it deserves – the kind that goes further than most. Formulated with a unique Ceramide Restoring Serum, this blend of ingredients helps your body create hundreds of its own natural ceramides wherever and whenever your body needs them. Your skin barrier is strengthened, and retains more moisture. 

Dove Body Love Essential Care Body Lotion locks in moisture for up to 48 hours, nourishing deeper* layers, too. This rich body milk has a 31% proven reduction in visible dryness after one use, and will leave you with radiant, smooth and soft skin that lasts. It’s essential care, just for you.

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